(Prescription, plant-based & non-chemical options)

  • Accelerate breakthroughs with potential life-long change.
  • Can reduce symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Loss of Connection.
  • Can increase positivity, access to Spirituality and deeper knowing of Self.
  • Tailored program informed by successful FDA trial protocols with psilocybin or “magic mushrooms”, MDMA, as well as indigenous practices, and Prescription-Ketamine therapy successes.
  • Ethically guided by the Harm Reduction Model.
  • Zia works in tandem with Prescribers, M.D.’s and Clinics

When you book with Zia, you have the chance to get the customized preparation, individual support, and individual integration sessions from an experienced guide. She not only has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and thousands of hours as a psychotherapist, she also began her training as a shamanic healer or “spirit-medicine-woman” at the age of six. Her personal past experience with ingesting psychedelics and practicing with tribal members mind-altering traditions such as fasting, sweat lodges, and spirit-medicine, started in youth with her initiations in North America and the Amazon over four decades ago. In recent years, Zia has also supported clients during their psychedelic journeys at a Ketamine clinics, preceded by preparation sessions, and following up with integration sessions.

Many of you are exploring or considering psychedelic substances due to recent FDA trials showing success of psychedelics in tandem with experienced guidance or psychotherapy to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression. In addition, in some places there has been a de-prioritizing or decriminalization of certain substances for therapeutic or personal use, such as psilocybin or “magic mushrooms:”.

Some of you may or may or may not be aware that there are alternative methods (such as intense breath work that can create Psychedelic states of release and healing for breaking through mental, emotional, physical or spiritual “blockages”. Zia also teaches these methods of psychedelic journeying

Zia, the founder of Soul Kintsugi™ therapy method, has helped clients who have complained that they’ve had good psychedelic experiences but the effects didn’t last. Or worse, they had bad experiences they are recovering from and sought Zia’s help. Zia has helped both those types of clients heal. She also successfully helps those of you who are curious and seeking safety information and guidance for optimal results. Zia’s guidance is based on the Harm Reduction model and thorough experience as a guide.

Some of the many successful results of Zia’s clients have experienced from her Journeys Program have included reduced symptoms or complete cessation of symptoms of complex PTSD, cessation of symptoms of depression, reduced anxiety, and access to a spiritual inner source, discovery of more purpose and connection, and a persistent feeling of belonging in the world, a renewed or new sense that life has a deeper meaning. Zia’s journey package includes assessment, coaching, guidance, and integration approaches to help you decide which path is right for you and to what extent you want to involve mind-altering modalities which range from breathing exercises, self-hypnotic exercises, sensation focus exercises, movement and vocalization, to ingesting mood altering plants or your medication prescribed by your psychiatrist or doctor, such as Ketamine. Sometimes specific breath-work techniques alone or combined with movement and guided visual and auditory journeys, fasting and other methods can be as intense and healing medicine without the chemical psychedelics. Sometimes micro-dosing may be more helpful for some people than a large dose. There are also many legal plants that offer subtler and more easy-going mood-altering effects that can be appropriate for people who want another approach

All of the above should be approached with caution, and Zia helps you weigh the risks vs. benefits.

Conversations with Zia about your expectations, comparing methods, substances, and dosages, and your health history, and when applicable, consultations with Prescribers, such as MD’s at Psychedelic Clinics, or Psychiatrists with whom Zia works in tandem, leads to support in your tailored program and choice of most appropriate treatment to reduce possible harm to yourself.

Through education, preparation and integration: With harm-reduction education model as it’s foundation. The JOURNEYS IV Program with assessment and educational conversation, planning, and follow-ups with Zia assures you a better chance of a truly lasting healing should you choose to utilize psychedelics. Click below to schedule your consultation