Uncover what true success means to you as we peel away the layers of “shoulds” or that have held you back in any area. With guidance and these of ancient and cutting edge proprietary technologies such as Soul Kintsugi™ Wellness App and SoniCeuticals™, you’ll replace limiting habits and limiting beliefs more easily with empowering ones. Then manifest what you want. The full picture: work, love, relationships, free time.

Discover and develop a sense of purpose and learn to own it fully. Learn to better offer your unique gifts and presence to the world. Learn how to apply your unique gifts through creativity & divergent thinking. If you desire to be entrepreneurial or more powerful in your family, work or society, learn how to become an empowered force by understanding and applying the principles of embodied feminine leadership. Progress and manifest with more ease & less effort.

Program length varies depending on your goals and re-assessing goals at intervals. Using proprietary technologies that have proven success with acceleration in personal growth in Zia’s clients.