The Incubator package is for first-time clients only - those who have never worked with Zia before. This is for those of you who are frustrated and ready to make lasting change that brings joy, peace, and freedom. Zia’s Incubator program is an opportunity to get to the actual root of what’s bothering you, limiting you or blinding you to your fabulousness. We gain momentum through in-depth conversation and in-session guided experiences. If Zia thinks she cannot help you, she will refer you to someone more appropriate after the initial consultation. Although you may do more talking in the Incubator program than in Zia’s other programs, it’s necessary in order to get to the root of what you need. That said, NONE of Zia’s programs are “talk-therapy.”

In fact, healing programs with Zia are an adventure in living.

If you are looking for a healer or therapist relationship where you just vent your problems like girls chatting and sharing your problems over drinks at happy hour, then Zia’s programs are not for you. However, if you truly desire something that is missing in your life, if you are yearning for lasting transformation and are truly sick of what’s bothering you and are ready to take action, then the Incubator program is for you. Commitment and taking initiative are the first steps in lasting change. True transformation requires courage and adventurousness. Zia makes it easy for you. More than half the work is simply showing up to the sessions with an open mind and sense of adventure.

Zia works in a strategic manner. That means she will help you identify your goals, set reasonable expectations, and work with you in a structured and collaborative manner that centers on your experience. If you are accepted into the Incubator Program, you are a client who is highly dedicated to up-levelling yourself or something in your life. You may already have a list of goals for healing yourself or things you want to manifest in your life. In that case, you’ll have a chance to focus on one or two of those in this program. Zia will apply appropriate techniques that she believes, based on her vast clinical and intuitive experience, which will be the most effective in helping you get the results you want in the least amount of time.

You will get the chance to examine your goals and progress together at intervals to see what’s working best, and what may need adjusting. Zia aims to help you begin to heal or up-level your relationship to yourself first, right away. Learn skills that are effective for your particular needs. You will discover your strengths and learn effective techniques to begin to transform any mindset or old programming that doesn’t serve you anymore. Whether you are suffering from trauma that is recent, tired of a habit or feel stuck in some way, Zia will meet you where you are. She aims to make the most of your time together in this powerful initiatory program. This may mean that you will be offered the opportunity to complete Soul Assignments™ to expedite your progress. Sometimes these will be exciting and fun, sometimes they will be challenging. Your progress is collaborative therefore you get out what you put in! If you’re excited or you have butterflies in your belly, that’s normal.