In three parts

  • Preparation/ Intention Setting Sessions x 4
  • Retreat Intensive 1:1 for ten days
  • Integration Sessions x 6 following the retreat

Want accelerated personal transformation? More quickly break through those walls that are limiting you? This is a rare opportunity. Each retreat is as unique as you are. Ten days of immersive 1:1 work with Zia is unlike anything you can imagine. You just have to experience it to know what it’s like

This magical piece of land offers transformational benefits that Zia have unlocked and being here has with intention has helped her design experiences and techniques to better serve as a healer to you and others. A few of you have already experienced her customized 1:1 South African immersive healing retreats and Zia thanks you for trusting her as her first guests here when it was in “Beta” mode.

Individual 1:1 retreats with Zia include custom-tailored schedule and events that serve your specific needs as an individual. Either the Incubator or Re-Linking package is a Pre-Requisite and can be bundled with this retreat after your consultation. Can be combined with “JOURNEYS IV” Psychedelic Healing Program or SoulKintsugi™ CERTIFICATION level 1.

Here are some testimonials:

“I am still unpacking and digesting what I learned about myself on my 1:1 Umoya Program Retreat with Zia. The combination of curated experiences and Zia’s presence during our adventures was a powerful catalyst for me to really break open, let go and open up. Many of the events Zia planned for me were fun and challenging, and only afterward did I realize how therapeutic they were and cleverly designed for my healing. An unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Keeps unfolding within me even after I’ve returned home, which I’m processing in the integration support sessions with Zia”

“Incredibly thoughtful curation of experiences with a masterful healer. The local herbal medicinal tea ceremonies, working with the elements and communication with exotic animals in surreal stunning landscapes were some of the unexpected treats. Truly transformative.”

“During my 1:1 retreat with Zia, A lot came to the surface that I normally push back down. I was unable to suppress aspects of myself, and felt compelled to share exactly what was coming up. Unlike other group retreats or workshops I’ve been on, where I felt too vulnerable to share with the group, with the 1:1 with Zia, I got the individual support that I needed during some profound awakenings, and am really digesting and embodying this change with the help of Zia in the after-retreat sessions.”

“Wow! I was not expecting the healing impact this 1:1 full time retreat with Zia would have on me. I didn’t have a chance to run away from myself, with the all day intensive guided experiences. I understand why the follow-up integration sessions are part of this retreat package. That was a trip and a half! It accelerated my knowledge of Self and true confidence immensely, while bringing up some raw stuff that I didn’t know I had hidden from myself. So glad Zia is helping me integrate this now that I’m home.”

“When Zia gave me an outline of what she’d curated for me, I was excited by the cultural, nature, and fun physical activities in an exotic location, but I had no idea how deep the retreat would take me into healing. I am ever so grateful for this experience, as I was finally able to access some things that normally get swept aside in my daily routines, habits, and responsibilities.”

Currently accessed at an intensely powerful point on the earth, out on the Southern tip of Africa, where a swirl of water connects a warm ocean and a cold ocean, home to some of the most dense varieties of aquatic life in the world, and varieties of ancient plants that speak back to the ages of dinosaurs and early homosapiens near the grade of humankind, and near some of the wildest animals of Africa, is a healing vortex where Zia is currently leading 1:1 exclusive custom retreats for a select handful of clients each year.