A mentorship for current or aspiring wellness providers…or any individual seeking a unique and potent toolbox for accelerated self-development.

  • Access experiential tools to heal yourself and others
  • Benefit from a Transformative Mentorship worth $850,000 & 35 years of investment: Zia’s collective wisdom condensed into an effective program that is affordable and achievable in a shorter time span, with a core toolbox.
  • Personal Development Deep Dive.
  • Access Technological Tools, Ancient and Modern for Healing.
  • Access Kintsugi of the Soul Wellness App & Soniceuticals Hypnosis Aids.
  • Website Template and public endorsed listing if Level 4 Certified
  • Opportunity for a New Career in Wellness that is scalable to your lifestyle
-Tools to Create Your Own Business with a custom website and marketing strategy team guiding you at Level 4 for entrepreneurs who want to launch effectively.

Whether you want to bring healing to your family, children, friends, community for free or start your own business as a wellness provider, you can learn techniques to help humans experience the joy of being in a human body and manifest their fullest potential.

Learn how to help others to identify areas of core underlying limiting beliefs & their source with uniquely designed EmbodiedInterviewing™ methods. Learn to guide others in the Soul Kintsugi™ Self-Hypnosis Method with Soniceuticals™ and Self-Voiceprinting™. Learn to guide another person in Soul-Mapping™ the current lifetime including identifying the Fraction Nodes, and identifying and dealing with Psychic Barnacles™ or Epigenetic Dissonant Modes™, Verbally Alchemize the Shards of the Psyche, Harmonizing Emotional Codes™, Soul-Zipping™, Soul Kintsugi™. Learn to do no harm and increase your wellbeing and that of others by learning and practicing Ethics based in Core Shamanism and Narrative Medicine.