A small handful of Zia’s current Elite Coaching Package clients who visited Zia in South Africa last year for 1:1 immersive healing during Zia’s semi-sabbatical and total-social-media-detox. Their expressed desire to have in-person contact with Zia inspired her to create the UMOYA 1:1 immersive retreats. Those clients who came to South Africa over the first six months of this year were Zia’s “Beta Testing” clients for what she now offers publicly as “Umoya” 1:1 immersive retreats. The UMOYA Retreat Package is currently available to book by consultation and will be hosted in South Africa between December 2022 to end of March 2023.

As your needs are always evolving, so Zia’s skills always up-leveling, During this period of op-levelling, many of you who didn’t get to visit, have nonetheless been on Zia’s mind, though you may not have spoken in months or years.

While living in South Africa the past nine months, immersing herself in local ancient natural healing methods and sharpening her spiritual sword, Zia has experienced a frequency shift and many downloads that have healed her more deeply… which now helps her to better serve select clients.

With new perspectives, renewed energy, a wider skillset and fresh insights, Zia decided to re-emerge and create the Re-Linking Program, application for which is offered via a consultation interviews, exclusively to clients that Zia has previously worked with.

Pauses are sometimes needed when we’ve accomplished a certain level of evolvement or reached a peak of what we could do with our combined skills at that time. Now time has past. Perhaps you are seeking a refresher course or “Tune-Up” in your skills set or some new solutions.

The re-linking program is for those of you who are ready to follow up on an area of growth that you may have bookmarked or “put a pin’ in for a future date, and are now ready to re-explore. Upgrade an aspect of your life with fresh guidance. Perhaps a new life event has slammed you, or you have slipped into burn-out again. Maybe some of you have a new issue or an old one that has erupted and feels raw. Reach out.

Zia is happy to offer you a consultation to apply for the Re-Linking program. Only select “goodness-of-fit” clients will be accepted, as her schedule is limited

To talk about compatibility of re-connecting or “re-linking” with Zia’s latest guidance: